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2006: Issue #5:

Slate Roofing Contractors Association

2006 Update

Rumors of our first meeting have begun to be circulated. It has been suggested that we meet in the slate valley in Vermont in the spring of 2007 [Note: We actually met in PA in 2007and in Kentucky in 2009]. We can rent a hall there for formal meetings, Powerpoint presentations, etc., tour the member slate quarries, get our hands dirty, see how the stone is extracted and how it’s fabricated into shingles, maybe split some ourselves, have a catered wine and cheese reception at the Slate Valley Museum, and do it all over a long weekend. This would be an opportunity for all SRCA members who haven’t been to a slate quarry or seen slate being made to start at the actual hole in the ground and go from there. It would also give us an opportunity to meet face to face, talk shop, and discuss future plans, workshops and educational endeavors.

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Slate Roofing Contractors Association

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