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Fall/ Winter 2007/2008: Issue #6 - [Download Entire Issue #6 as a PDF]

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Slaters Converge

2007 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference

2007 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference

Slate Roofing contractors from around the United States, and a guest from Germany, converged on western Pennsylvania in June 8-10, 2007 for a three day weekend of workshops, meetings, presentations, food, music and comaraderie. Six concurrent workshops took place over the three day period, including:

1) A flat-lock soldered copper workshop conducted by Barry Smith of Smith Slate Roof Restoration in Union City, PA (see article);

2) A rounded slate valley workshop conducted by Brent Ulisky of Joseph Jenkins, Inc., conference host (see Ulisky’s article);

3) A slate siding workshop conducted by Liam Tower of Slate Affair, Inc., Enosburg Falls, VT (see article);

4) A soldering workshop conducted by Chris Paulin, Paulin Slate and Copper, Akron, Ohio (see Paulin’s soldering article and for more about Paulin, see Project Spotlight article) ;

5) A snow rail installation demonstration conducted by James Warden of Milligan Construction, Providence, RI (for more about Warden, see article);

6) A built-in gutter expansion joint workshop conducted by Rich Stainbrook, Heritage Roofing, Shady Grove, PA (for more about expansion joints in built-in gutters, see article).

2007 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference

Additional presentations included: Copper Clad Stainless Steel, Home Inspectors, Common Slate Roof Installation Mistakes, Thomas Massie’s New Slate Roof Installation (see article).

Live music was provided by the Fabulous Roof Rockers on Friday night and by the Slab Town Boys on Saturday night. Several kegs of beer were generously donated by Camara Slate Company of Fair Haven, VT.

Members who attended this conference included: Perlino Slate Roof Repair, Slateworks Roofing, Durable Slate Company, Stevens Roofing Corp., Dax Billcheck Roofing Contractors, Mahan Slate Roofing, Heritage Roofing Inc., Mountain State Slate Roofing, Smith Slate Roof Restoration, Slate Affair Inc., Milligan Construction, Paulin Slate and Copper, Bill Davis Roofing LLC, Joseph Jenkins, Inc. New members who joined at the conference included Martin Bungartz (supporting), Sam McMillen (supporting), Professional Home Inspecting Institute (supporting). There were also various non-member guests attending.

For more photos of the conference, look at the online photo album.

2007 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference

2007 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference

SRCA evolving into non-profit trade association, January 1, 2008

The Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America, founded in March of 2005 as an Unincorporated Association in the state of Pennsylvania under the auspices of Joseph Jenkins, Inc., is transforming into an independent, non-profit trade association, not associated with any particular slate industry business, at the beginning of the year, 2008. The SRCA can best benefit the American slate roofing trades and industries by existing as a non-profit agency. An interim Board of Directors has been assembled. The SRCA’s primary focus is on slate roof contracting and the skills and practices of those who install slate roofing materials.

Membership in the SRCA is open to slate roofing contractors (Slate Roofing Contractor membership), general roofing contractors (Roofing Contractor membership), others in the slate industry such as quarriers, marketers or consultants (Affiliate membership), and the general public (Supporting membership). More information can be found at or by calling 814-786-7015, 9-5, M-F, eastern time. Your inquiries are always welcome!

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