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Fall/ Winter 2007/2008: Issue #6

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Aprons and Cleats on Slate Roofs

40 ounce copper cleats at the Slate Roof Warehouse

You can buy 40 ounce copper cleats at the Slate Roof Warehouse.



Aprons and Cleats

A slope transition on a roof plane often requires a transition flashing, sometimes called an “apron.” The flashing is folded with a Z bend to compensate for the angle of the slate on the upper half (making a cant strip unnecessary), and is nailed along the top edge, then held down along the lower edge with cleats, as shown.

Dimensions vary, but 16”, 20 ounce copper stock is shown used above.

Photos by Joseph Jenkins

Using cleats to install ridge on slate roofs.

You can buy 40 ounce copper cleats at the Slate Roof Warehouse.




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