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The Art of

Slate Siding

Liam Tower

slate sidingWatch where you’re going or you may run into two geese. At first glance, you may look away, but then you look again. You are seeing an illusion of roof and side walls running into each other. Look again — it is a 3-D mural combining various slate colors and patterns. This particular slated wall is about 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall with a vanishing point perspective. Most people who have seen it in person call it a work of art. I like to think of it that way, too. Getting involved in work like this will give you a chance to become skilled in cutting and punching very small pieces of slate with a slate anvil. It is where a slate roofer can express his roofing and artistic skills in a fun and creative way.


slate sidingI was inspired to do the goose mural from pictures of slate art in the Slate Roof Bible and other European web sites with wild roof coverings and slate art. Before starting this project, I slated two houses in Vermont. This helped me to develop designs and ideas for other constructions with slate. When I get started with the job, I begin with a three hour trip to southern Vermont to the slate quarries. I usually go to Taran Brothers Inc. for my slate. I make this ride so I can personally hand select the used or new slate. When using used slate it is best to see it in person because of the many ways patina is layered in the slate and how the slate has aged. Different air conditions and pollutants also affect the process. All the slate siding I have done has used slate that has been on a roof for 70 to 100 years before installing it on the building I am doing. This is a great siding alternative to your more typical sidings. Used slate is a great "green" building material, too.

slate sidingslate siding

At Slate Affair Inc., we look forward to artistic and creative jobs. If it’s not challenging, it’s not as much fun to do! We have worked on jobs from San Jose, CA, to Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY. Our latest job is a mix of slate, slate siding, slate chimney caps, copper details, block copper, and copper standing seam with a Dawn Solar Thermal hot water system. It is a meticulous and personalized project that will take eighteen or more months to complete. With most of these projects, I am in direct contact with my clients, making it easy to get their input. This is the key to creating a great roof or slate siding project. Look for more from the world of Slate Affair Inc.


Liam Tower
Liam Tower is the owner of Slate Affair Inc., specializing in 100 Year Roofing.




Slate Affair Inc., P.O. Box 677, Enosburg Falls, VT 05450, Ph: 802-848-7679; Fax: 802-848-7679;
Cell: 802-793-8349;

All photos this page by Liam Tower except the photo of Liam Tower, which was taken by Joe Jenkins.

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