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Fall/ Winter 2007/2008: Issue #6 | [Download this article as a PDF]

Visit the Snow Guard Warehouse!

Tis the season!

Copper Snowguards

What’s New

Visit the Snow Guard Warehouse!

Visit the Snow Guard Warehouse!

We have the largest selection of snow retention systems for roofs available on the internet!

Let it snow! Snowguards (some people call them snow birds or snow dogs) will keep the white stuff from sliding off your roof in an avalanche and banging up whatever’s underneath. Two new lines of snowguards have recently been introduced and two existing brands remain popular. Let’s start with the new ones.

S&S Copper Products— Salvo and Sons has introduced a new line of copper snowguards, including three different styles, one of which is shown above. The snow guards were designed in-house and tested not only by S&S but also at the laboratories of Tox Pressotechnik in Warrenville, IL. All of the snow guards can be used on all roofing applications.

Gough SnoGuards® — F.C. Cody originally patented and manufactured this classic “snow-guard” in a shop eventually bought by Earl Gough who continued production as the Gough SnoGuard®. This is a classic snow guard, proven for over 77 years. When needed, Gough will provide an opinion for a layout design based on calculations and the experience of installing for over 31 years.

Mullane Snowguards — The M.J. Mullane Co. snowguard line was bought out by Berger Brothers in 2006 and is still widely available and popular. These snowguards are made of copper and classic, durable cast bronze, with a traditional 19th century design, manufactured with 21st century engineering. Berger snow retention products are distributed by, ph: 814-786-9085.

Sieger Snow Guards off a line of fine snow guards and snow rails.

All of these snowguards are available from the Snow Guard Warehouse! Call us toll free at 866-641-7141.

We have the largest selection of snow retention systems for roofs available on the internet!


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